Who I Am and Why I Write

I have 2 goals in life

  1. Make the world a better place
  2. Do it by example

Just these two statements probably suggest the image of me that's quite far from reality. They're so filled with altruism and saintly impressions that it makes me a bit uncomfortable to even start with that. Nevertheless, those principles are the most fundamental to how I carry myself—though you might object to how it looks in practice.

I started with that was because as short as I am (it's the Filipino blood), there isn't really another "metaphorical box" where I can better squeeze in all of me.—and trust me, I got a lot of boxes. They're filled with paintbrushes and computer parts, sports gear and anime. Here's a quick rundown.

So yeah, I like a lot of things.

In fact, I often look for reasons to like things. Especially if other people do. Why not? It seems to me more things you like, the better your life is.

So perhaps you can tell, I'm also pretty optimistic. When you're sure you can find something positive in any outcome, it's hard not to be.

My optimism gets me to do a lot of things.

I sometimes find myself in places—and more often, situations—that other people don't usually end up in. While some might feel anxious when they're off the beaten path, I find myself in a state of flow-My mind feels powerful and energetic and my confidence is at its peak. Something as inconsequential as strolling down a new street can make me lose track of time. Learning a new skill can change me from a reserved bystander to fearless pioneer.

When there's nothing new, I think a lot of things.

But despite the rush it gives me, I don't live for novelty—not per se (I wonder if I can use that word like that lol). What I actually crave is the way novelty warps and stretches the way I think. The way it fills my brain with new possibilities. The way it adds new perspectives to old memories.

When the expedition is done, the best part of the day is when I retreat into my cavern where I build beautiful societies and craft terrifying fantasies.

So why do I write?

I hate talking about myself. Most of the things I have to say about 'who I am' make me feel like... somebody who needs to get their head out of the clouds. I fear that I'll oversell the way I think, and lose your credibility. After all, I'm lucky to have your attention in the first place, especially in the world we live in. But really though—the view from up here, where the clouds are, is breathtaking. It's a Perspective that I wish everybody else could see.

The same goes for all the other perspectives I've collected. The experiences I've had, the people I've spoken to, and the things I've learned—they seem too valuable to keep to myself. Curating these is perhaps my best shot at making the world a better place.